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How DEFENSIVE should we play in poker?

$11,700 Pot Bart Hanson vs Rampage

$50-$100 NL Best Hands w Bart Hanson Commentating from Hustler Casino Live!

You called? Are you Insane?

Is my Opponent SAND BAGGING me in a 4 Bet pot?

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Should we OVERFOLD in Live Poker?


Maniacal River BLUFF

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POKER EXPLAINED; The Concept of Running it More than Once

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MIN Raised On The RIVER - SICK Spot!

How To Play A BOMB POT


The KEY To Increasing Your Winrate At Live NL Hold'em

Maximizing Your Winnings in Poker


(Poker Strategy) Bluffing Monotone Boards in 3 Bet Pots

Pocket ACES (6 times) Makes TOP SET 4 Times!

Making Big FOLDS at Small Stakes Poker??????

When should you call with No Pair in Poker?

Dealing with Aggressive Euros in Poker

Win MORE Money in Poker with this Tip

River Decisions in Poker

We Have no Bluffs in a Poker Hand, can we Bet?

Should I reraise the River? (Part 2)

Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo {PLO8} Poker Training Video

Older Man (80yrs) makes Poker Nuts vs Live at the Bike! Regular

Should we Bluff this River (Opponent down $10k for session)

Should I Reraise the River?

Four of a Kind in Poker

Improve Your Poker Hand Reading – Detecting Backdoor Draws

Advanced Poker Hand Reading with Pocket Aces

Poker Etiquette One Player Per Hand

Overpair on a Monotone Board (3 Bet Pot)

Too Thin a Value bet?

Poker Player says "ALL-IN" then say's it's a Joke

What Poker Hand Would You Call With?

Should we Check Raise the River with Aces Full??

Flat Calling Preflop in Poker with AK

80yr Old Plays Big Poker Hand vs Andy from Live at the Bike!

Triple Barrel Bluff for $2700 Pot

Learn Poker and Hand Reading Logic; The Best Call-in of ALL Time

Getting Unlucky in Poker!

Would You Ever Fold the 2nd Nuts?

Bad Poker Ruling??

Taking a Shot at a High Stakes Game

Can we fold KK to a single (overbet)?

When should we NOT bet in Poker?

The WORST Angle Shooting Incident in Poker

Getting Maximum Value in No Limit Holdem

Learning how to Bluff Catch in Poker

Calling the River when hand makes no sense

Can We Call with Ten High?

The Skill of Bet Folding in poker in a ($5000 POT)

When NOT to Bluff in Poker!!!

When NOT to Bluff in Poker!!!

Bet Folding (TOO MUCH??) in Poker

Over Playing a Strong Hand in No-Limit Hold’em

You must make this PLAY and LOSE to be a WINNER in poker!

Poker Strategy; Evaluating a Turn Double Barrel

When Should we Fold Getting a Great Price (Poker Strategy)??

Overplaying Pocket Queens for $5000 in a 3 Bet pot

This play WINS THE MOST $$ in live POKER...

BAD BEAT but FULL Value w Pocket Aces ($9000 pot!)

Top Two Pair Can we FOLD? in $5000 poker multiway pot!

Maximum Value vs Missed Value in Poker

KK faces a river SHOVE ALL-IN ($2-$5 No Limit Hold'em)

AA gets RAISED on the river in a ($9000 POT!)

Playing LIMPED pots (What not to do)!!!

Should we raise the river (Poker strategy)?

Can we fold KK in a 4 bet pot?

What's one of the WORST plays you can make at the Low Stakes of Poker?

$11,000 Hand in a 6 Bet pot at $5/$5 No Limit Hold'em

Pocket Aces as Top Full House on Board

Push or Pull Royal Flush Draw in a ($15,000 Pot)

Check raising an overpair on the turn ($2-$5 No Limit Holdem)

Analysis of Bart Hanson's $11,500 Set over Set Hand (at $5/5!! No Limit Hold'em)

The Importance of Stack Size in Poker

Big Poker folds (should we be making them Part 2)?

When it Looks Like a BLUFF but it isn't (Poker Strategy)

The BEST Events to Play at the WSOP

Should we go for 3 barrels at $2-$3-$5?

Should we represent top pair as a bluff? ($5-$10 NL $1500 Pot)

Should we be folding Big Hands at Low Stakes Poker?

Turning Pairs into Bluffs (Poker Strategy)

Weird Line by villain should we call light?

Check Raising the River Explained (Poker Strategy)

Poker Vlogger Mariano talks RAKE at mid stakes

Best way to bring $$ to the World Series of Poker

Gambling and Poker Taxation Explained

What’s the ideal preflop strategy?

Push or Pull with a draw {in a $3000 pot}!

Being Safe when leaving the cardroom (w JoeySal)

Flopping Top Set in a Multiway 3 Bet Pot

Two Card Straight Flush on a Four Flush Board

Evaluating a river check raise on TCH LiVE! ($1000 pot a $5/$5)

Check raising top pair on River as a Bluff ($2-$5 NL)

FLOPPING A STRAIGHT FLUSH in a 4 bet pot ($5000)!!!

The MOST RELIABLE POKER TELL in live play (Modern day No Limit Hold'em)

Crush Live Call-ins (Coronavirus Episode) Poker Series


Doe mee en win een plek in Team