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NLG 3 Years YT

Study Session with bencb - Part 1

High Stakes End Boss Steffen "Go0se.core!" Sontheimer Crushes NL500!

Rainer Kempe & Julian Thomas Duo-Stream - Huge Deeprun in the $3k Bounty King

Explore the Natural8 Daily Tournament Schedule!

Buying & Selling Action Made Easy on Natural8 Poker

World Best Poker Pros Battle in $1000 SNG on Natural8 [Cards Up] Part 2

$5000 WSOP MAIN EVENT! ft. Academy Member Leon [Stream Highlights]

Top Poker Pros Battle Qualifier For $1000 On Natural8 [Cards Up] Part 1

How To Beast $200NL ZOOM - Steffen "go0se.core!" Sontheimer Play & Explain

Steffen "go0se.core!" Sontheimer Grinds a Cash Game Session on Natural8 - Part 2

Steffen "go0se.core!" Sontheimer Grinds a Cash Game Session on Natural8 - Part 1

Academy Member Leon takes on the $530 HYPER Final Table with $47,000 up top! [Stream Highlights]

How To Navigate A $1050 FINAL TABLE ft. Cavalito

$500 ZOOM Pool Play & Explain - ft. Steffen "go0se.core!" Sontheimer

$2/$5 ZOOM Complete Play & Explain ft. Steffen "go0se.core!" Sontheimer

Donations OR Standard Play? 2019 Craziest Poker Hands - Steffen "Go0se.core!" & Friends

Steffen "Go0se.core!" Sontheimer Destroys Zoom Cash (Play & Explain #2 Part 1)

Big $5/$10 & ZOOM Cash Games w/ Steffen "Go0se.core!" Sontheimer (Play & Explain pt2)

$215 Bounty Final Table HEADS UP vs streamer? - Academy Member Jamila (Stream Highlights)

Double HIGH ROLLER Final Table! W/ Alexandre "CAVALITO" Mantovani

Mini Gladiator Final Table $10,000 GTD - Academy Member Jeremy (Stream Highlights)

Bounty Builder $215 Final Table W/ Alexandre "CAVALITO" Mantovani

$1,050 WCOOP Final Table $70,000 for first! w/ Kenny "SpaceyFCB" Hallaert (Stream Highlights)

$109 Turbo + $530 Bounty Double Final Table? Leon RUMUKULUS - NLG Academy

Fedor Holz Plays The Biggest Online Poker Tournament In History ($5300 MILLIONS Online)

Firaldo Takes on the $530 Bounty (Final Table Stream Highlights)

$2/$5 ZOOM Pool Destruction - Steffen "go0se.core!" Sontheimer (Cash Game Play & Explain Pt 1)

Kenny "SpaceyFCB" Hallaert POWERFEST $215 + MORE!

HIGH ROLLERS $1,000,000 GTD - Part 1 W/ Fedor Holz - Stefan Schillhabel - Steffen Sontheimer

$25,000 Powerfest Super High Roller - go0se.core! Grinding High Stakes

Fedor Holz & Steffen Sontheimer $530 Bounty Builder Final Table

$210,000+ $2100 SCOOP Deep Run - Stefan "baeks22" Schillhabel & Steffen "Go0se.Core!" Sontheimer

€200 Bounty Final Table Madness - Josip "jozinho6" Simunic

Best of NLG Twitch Poker Highlights

$50/$100 Cash Games With Steffen Sontheimer & Julian Thomas

$215 Supersonic FINAL TABLE With Stefan Huber ($25,000 to 1st)

$2/$5 ZOOM | MORE Pool Destruction - Steffen "go0se.core!" Sontheimer (Cash Game Play & Explain pt2) Poker Series


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